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Welcome to the only web site devoted entirely to Ian Lurking Bear and his pursuits. Find herein journeys to mystical and Pagan realms, fun web art, controversial political opinions, and sheer speculation.

I am a starry eyed mystic, crackpot theorist, and freelance social critic. By day I am a harmless seeming hippie computer programmer.

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Ian is a card carrying member of Church of All Worlds

Ian is an initiate of The 3rd Road School of Faerie

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All web page design done on old Macintosh computers. Source code preparation was done with BBedit Lite. (Clean, fast, highly recommended) Graphics processing was done with ColorIt! (Dances rings around Photoshop while poor Photoshop is still busily repainting the screen under the palette you just moved.) I have a problem with the slow, sloppy code that the software giants are trying to pawn off as "more advanced."

Absolutely no Microsoft(Greyface Systems) products were involved in the production or serving of these pages. Resistance is not futile. I will not be assimilated.

All text on these pages is copyright Ian D. Anderson. Graphics have been plundered, sampled, and reprocessed from all over the web.

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I consider the web to be a potlach gift blanket. Feel free to use any of my material here for non-commercial purposes. Proper credit is appreciated.

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