A Meditation on the Sacred Chao of the Discordians

The following Chaoist teaching is from an ancient text found clenched in the teeth of one of the numerous terra cotta figurines unearthed at a royal burial site in China.

If it can be described in a logical, orderly manner,
Then it is not the sacred chao.

If it can be encompassed by words,
Then it is not the chao.

If it can be modelled by a mechanistic system,
Then it is not the chao.

No mere fractal, the chao is beyond description.

If it is predictable, then it is not the chao.
If it is static or repetitive, then it is not the chao.

The chao that can be hidden by the masters
Is not the ever present chao.

If it transcends the ordinary,
Then it is not the all embracing chao.
If it is not extraordinary,
Then it is not the ever surprising chao.

As unbeing, the chao is springing forth into being.
As being, the chao is the changer of all things.
Change is constant, unpredictability a certainty.

In the ungraspable mind of God, the chao unfolds
In ways that not even God herself can predict.
Thus, the universe is alive, intelligent, playful, orgasmic.

Being and unbeing
Inseparable and dancing.
All reality an illusion, all illusions reality.

In the eternal, ever changing chao,
In the magic of every moment,
Here is the invitation to the dance.

Prepare to enter the Fractal Dimension

Fractal background adapted from the work of Clint Sprott
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