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The Amaterasu Hypothesis

In a vision, the Goddess once appeared to me as the Sun. I was somewhat surprised by this, usually associating the Sun with masculine energy, as per established cliches. The feeling was of a very warm, beneficent presence. I sat with this and she had a message.

The Sun is an intelligent being, a goddess. She is a nurturer of the Earth. Her intelligence and benevolence play a role in the preservation and growth of life on Earth. It is she who parts the veils of the dawn, it is she who tends the garden of our planet. She stirs the cauldron of the weather, shaping the clouds in a dance with the serpent of the wind.

She is Amaterasu to the Shinto, and White Tara to the Buddhists. White Tara is to Amaterasu and the Sun as Green Tara is to Gaia and the biosphere. It is in their loving embrace that life may flourish.

She is Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

Fostering the connection between terrestrial and solar consciousness will bring great benefits. This connection has been tenuous and dreamlike. There is a yearning for this connection to increase. When this link is made strong, a great power will be liberated.

One piece of evidence introduced for the Gaia hypothesis is the remarkable constancy of Earth's surface temperatures in the face of solar variances. Could it be that Earth and Sun are in cahoots about this? This would be nice, since humans are in the process of severely damaging the Earth's regulatory systems. A big sister in the sky with so much power could do alot.

An Amaterasu hypothesis may be needed is these times as well as a Gaian paradigm, because it is not just the balance of Earth herself that is in peril, but also the harmony of Earth and Sun. It has taken two to dance this complex interstellar romance. The passionate battles of the sons must not disrupt the mothers' embrace.

If she knew we wished to know of her mind, could she give us a clear signal? Would she be inclined to? Would she even know of our existence or consider us significant?

How could we test the Sun for intelligence? Science has so far failed to adequately define mind, intelligence, or consciousness, let alone divinity.

If the Sun is intelligent, then likely all the stars are. Could it be that we have been looking right at the extraterrestrial hydrogen breathers all along?

Each star is a gateway, a window to the limitless light of the void. Their varied spectra are created as the universal light passes through them. The starry eyed mystic may indeed be experiencing a connection with far off beings.

The stars may seem too far apart to relate to in any meaningful way. However, what seems like us to be a long time for light to travel between stars is a very short time in the overall span of a star's life. The notions of space, time, and organization of matter may be very different from a star's perspective. Interstellar distances and geologic/evolutionary time scales may seem as ordinary to them as distances across town and weeks do to us.

The stars are highly negative entropic and disorganized in the material realm, yet quite organized and unified in the quantum realm. Could normal matter appear as shadowy and elusive to them as quantum effects do to us?

Aside from grandiose efforts at scientific demonstration of her being, there is the question of a day to day awareness of her. Can she be reached through prayer? Can we connect by focusing our minds on her? Does the outpouring of energy from her give us the means to do so?

I wish to bring forth this vision of Amaterasu not to cultify some belief, or even to astound the skeptics. I wish for a relationship with her, to know something of her. After all, she's one hot babe.

Amaterasu, the Shinto Sun goddess of Japan is the primary deity of Shinto, and the emperor of Japan is her holy consort. Some Japanese thinkers in the past have suggested that she literally is the Sun, though this has been dismissed as heresy by others.

In one of the more important myths about her, the Sun goddess is offended by the conduct of her brother and hides in a cave, darkening the world. The other gods beg her to return, and she is eventually lured out with comic erotic dancing, wild singing, and joyous noise. When she emerges from her cave to see why everyone is having so much fun, she sees herself in strategically placed mirror and is lured the rest of the way out by her own beautiful reflection. Rice is a traditional offering and mirrors are sacred to her.

This myth could be seen as analogous the famous Greek myth of Hades and Persephone, as a colorful description of the seasonal cycles of more and less sunlight. There may also be a new way of looking at this myth on a larger time scale.

We are, in our own way in a time of darkness, though we are not particularly short on sunlight as drought slowly engulfs the lands of the Earth. The human race has been stumbling about, by and large devastating the biosphere, and following warped, authoritarian conceptions of a higher power. If there is a beneficent solar intelligence, it behooves us to become mindful of her, and to call her forth. Perhaps such an ancient, massive, powerful being could help us all find the a better way. Could it be that she was more in touch with us in ancient, mythic times, and she has been offended by the behavior of some male deity and hidden from us?

Let us lure her out with our pleasure and the joy of our being. Let us entice her with laughter and song. Let us reflect her radiant beauty and call her to us.

Through the unity of the three orders of being, human, faery, and animal, the sleeper in the land is awakened. This is the way of perfection so hidden as a truth that few know of it. The awakening of the Bright One, Lucifer, is not of the land alone, but of the whole world. It is the light of the world shining back to the Sun which is its sister, and each knowing that they are of the stars and united in being.

--R.J. Stewart, The Living World of Faery

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