The Fractal Dimension

Prepare to enter a realm beyond all normal reality, where your mind will be overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of unfolding chaos. Peer into the very corridors of spacetime, and see the underpinnings reality. Science has proven that fractals are the basis of all creation, a sure sign that Great Things are now possible as we spin out into realms our grandparents couldn't even imagine! It's just a totally awesome mindbonk for those with the intelligence to realize how truly transcendent fractals are.


Actually, fractals are rather thoroughly overblown, and are more pretty to look at than of vast philosophical importance. They are simply endlessly enfolded reflections of themselves. They are completely mechanical and deterministic, and have no capacity for intelligence or evolution. Far from being revolutionary, they are the result of an attempt by quaint mechanistic science to encompass chaos. True chaos is messy, non-deterministic, and able to give rise to new forms. It will not obey rules, even complex mathematical ones, without beginning to wander from them.

Fractals and chaos theory have given us a model of how large, unpredictable changes can result from very small actions, the famous Butterfly Effect. The ultimate source of these very small actions is ultimately unknowable, however. In actual reality, the smallest "butterfly wings" are the quanta, or subatomic particles, which refuse to behave deterministically. The effects of their unknowable actions can cascade into the macroscopic realm, even though the quantum of action is very small.

It is this unknowable quantum window into the universal consciousness that makes real chaos quite distinct from the well behaved, pretty mathematics of our models. All the universe pulses with this faint flame of consciousness, which in a place where chaos and order are in balance, begins to manifest into larger forms.

Background fractal adapted from the work of Paul Carlson
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