The Real Scandal: Indonesia

Bill Clinton's shaking hands with General Suharto was far more scandalous than any conceivable act he may have committed with Monica Lewinsky, yet few even realize that this is so, so immersed are they in the bland propaganda that passes for news in this country. General Suharto was the murderous dictator of Indonesia who has killed about as many people in cold blood as Pol Pot, and tens of times more than all the Serbian war criminals combined. With his handshake and embrace of this hideously evil man, Clinton becomes yet another of a long list of our so called leaders who have been accomplices to ghastly genocide and massive enslavement in Indonesia. True, the handshake and words of praise came with a little lecture about human rights. Perhaps if Suharto did not grovel sufficiently before the IMF and World Bank during the negotiations, they would have made him him write a hundred times on the blackboard "I will not murder a million people in cold blood." before handing him the usual obscene amounts of money.

Pol Pot was until his death, and the Serbians are hunted fugitives wanted for crimes against humanity, while Suharto has been praised as a moderate world leader and handed tens of millions in taxpayer dollars every year, in addition to generous loans from the World Bank and arms shipments from the major Western powers. The difference is not one of criminality, morality, or responsibility, but a willingness to make deals with the international corporations and banks, and to sell his own people into virtual slavery at their behest. As well as the immense human cost, this amoral policy has also led to the massive destruction of Indonesia's rainforests and productive farmlands.

The links below chronicle a horrifying history that everyone should be aware of, particularly those of us from countries whose governments and leading corporations are in cahoots with this unspeakable vermin. The stories contained in these links detail how the self proclaimed calm, rational, reasonable men at the helm of civilization have not only allowed, but actively aided and encouraged outrageous massacres and torture to serve their short sighted greed and egotistical power trips. Suharto and his accomplices cannot possibly suffer enough in their remaining years to be adequately punished for what they have done.

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Since this document was first posted, Suharto has resigned to be replaced by one of his cronies so business as usual may continue. The troubles that have swept Indonesia lately should come as no great surpirse to those familiar with the history of the situation. Thousands were added to the regime's grim toll during the riots that swept the country, and the mainstream press tells us that this is OK as long as it leads to "economic recovery." Student protesters bravely decry this horrid status quo, protected not by any humanity on the part of the government, but their status as children of the privileged class and the reluctance of the government to shoot them down in front of the TV cameras. The press have neglected to film or even mention the hundreds of thousands of lower class people mowed down by this murderous regime. The greater concern seems to be how this will affect prices at shopping malls in nice white neighborhoods in America, and the continued availability of cheap slave labor.

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