The Buddhist Realm

The cosmic egg is the union of all beings in nirvana, and it is cracking
wide open even as you read this. Breath deeply, focus on the mandala. As
you journey into it, become aware of your own reflection on the screen
staring back at you.

Buddhism is not just about far off temples, fancy religious art, and mystical lands. It's about you. You don't really exist. Come on, admit it. You are only a figment of your own imagination. Seriously. Your entire universe is as illusory as this web page.

This knowledge will liberate you, who don't really exist, from attachments to that silly illlusion we call life. You would then have intense compassion for all the other beings, who don't really exist either.

Life is a pain, and reincaration only subjects us to more pain. The highest, greatest accomplishment is to utterly cease to reincarnate altogether, with the possible exception of sticking around to help all those other beings who haven't become aware of their utter nonexistence yet.

The important point here is not which metaphysical gymnastics you through to get there, but that you too can become a Buddha. Buddha nature is present in all beings, even those who appear very un-Buddha like at this time. Sheer nirvana is always present, lurking behind the veils of conventional reality.

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