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Linda Lorraine Gloves is happy to provide insurance billing free of charge as a courtesy to customers. However, I am not responsible if your insurance company decides to not cover your gloves. In order to bill your insurance company I need a doctor's prescription or report mentioning the gloves and the billing information such as:

For worker's compensation claims:

For health plan subscribers who can come in for a fitting:

Some health plans require that you submit a doctor's letter of medical necessity with your prescription and bill. Worker's compensation usually covers 100% of the cost, while health plans only cover 70% to 90%. Some health plans don't cover the gloves at all. Every effort will be made to contact your insurance company on your behalf. I always try to get a pre-approval so you can get your gloves as soon as possible. If your company won't pre-approve the gloves, then you must wait for them to process the paperwork on your order which is usually 30 to 90 days. If you tire of waiting, you can prepay your gloves and give me an address to send a reimbursement check when your insurance provider pays for the gloves. Sometimes the gloves can be a deductible expense on your income tax return either under medical expenses, or for the self-employed, under equipment.

Thank you for your interest!

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