Greetings One and All, 

Come and join us in hosting revels for the Lord and Lady at Annwfn 
on the weekend of August 3rd, 4th and 5th. This event will be a 
fundraiser and work party as well as a Full Moon and Lamas 
celebration. The main focus of work will be to continue the 
waterline as far as possible to bring fresh water to the land. 

A suggested donation of $25.00 to $35.00 is requested for the 
weekend. The proposed schedule is as follows. 

Friday: Those who wish can arrive at their leisure. Friday night's 
dinner is pot-luck/communal meal and or fend for yourself. 

Saturday Morning: Start work on waterline before it gets too hot. 

Saturday Noonish to 1:00ish Break for lunch 

Saturday Afternoon: Group trip to the Greenfield Ranch Pond for a 
cool refreshing swim. 

Saturday Evening:
6:00 ish  Dinner provided by Jack and Tamar in honor of the Lord 
and Lady and the work done for the weekend. Jack has stated that 
the more people we get committed to being there the more 
elaborate the meal! 

8:00 - twilight : Full Moon  / Lamas Ritual . 
We will meet in the garden and bring together the Sun and the 
Moon in ritual, celebration, song and dance. 

Sunday Morning: Coffee and pancake breakfast at the butt-crack of 
dawn. This highly motivational breakfast will be provided to 
encourage the masses to get off their asses and finish the water 
line. Work will continue until its done or its too hot. 

*Note the documentary film crew (Damon and Dale) that many of 
us have gotten to know, have been invited to film over the weekend. 
This will be the very last time they will be filming as their Project 
will wrap up and they will be moving on. 

Bring all your usual Annwfn camping stuff and prepare for both hot 
weather in the day and hopefully cooler weather at night.

Please RSVP to Dan and Sherry via replying to this email or phone 
707.765.9619 and pass this email on to anyone that you feel might 
be interested but might not have gotten a copy of the post. I will try 
to get this sent to all the correct lists but the possibility of missing 
someone is fairly likely. 

Never Thirst, 

Dan and Sherry Blanchard