• Annwfn
  • PoBox 48
  • Calpella, 95418

    Dear Friends,

    For the past five years we the Caretakers of Annwfn with the able assistance of more than a few of you have seen to the necessities here on the Land. Though some years we toiled by ourselves we prepared for Beltaine's with no other help at all. Likewise through these years we have backed Annwfn financially, donating more than $1000 annually, totaling more than $6000 since 1996. We manage Annwfn's bank account and see to it that bills get paid, the buildings cared for, the garden tended to, dump truck loads of gravel for the road, etc.

    We seem to be treading water, yet we aim to do a bit more than that. We need you to help us make Annwfn shine. We need some brave people to match the donations we as Caretakers have been giving over these years. With more folks participating in work parties than ever, monetary donations can go much farther. We wish to build bathing facilities and more indoor space. We plan to remodel the kitchen in the Goat Lodge this year at very little expense, but again the kind of volunteers we have make it possible.

    At this point we have a new set of kitchen components and a new bathtub. Dollars for installation would be perfect now! Completion of our independent power system is high on our list of priorities as well. Skilled labor and expertise are not lacking here. We need to rally for Annwfn, we would like to share the responsibility with others near or far who feel a kinship to the Earth here. We ask you please for help and support. We ask you to make a commitment to this piece of the Mother that we have collectively been entrusted with.

    Never Thirst,

    The Caretakers of Annwfn