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RITUAL CONDUCT AND SEXUAL ETIQUETTE AT ANNWFN Unity through Diversity is one of the founding tenets of the Church Of All Worlds; because of this, not everyone's idea of acceptable behavior is the same, so to avoid undue stress, confusion and bad vibes, here are some reminders from the "Old Timers" and information for the newcomers: RITUAL CONDUCT 1. Please pay your respects to the Faerie Queen when you arrive before you do anything else, also please respect the Ancestors and Faerie as well as the Shaggy Mushroom (The Temple), at all times. 2. An it harm none, enter with perfect love and perfect trust into the Circle. 3. A ritual is a religious service; one in which considerable power may be raised, so please behave reverently and carefully in Circle. 4. A ritual isn't a spectator sport; so please leave the mundania behind, outside of the Circle, if you don't wish to participate, please stay far enough away that your conversations, etc. won't interfere in the Rite. 5. A ritual need not be solemn, yet it should be serious in that humor should be used with purpose - gratuitous remarks can disrupt the Circle's energy/focus, so please refrain from making them. 6. The best rituals are those that seem spontaneous, yet they've often been planned carefully, so look to those leading the rite for cues on when to join in with chanting, drumming, etc. 7. Ritual Tools (including drums) are very personal and powerful. Don't play, touch or use without specific permission from their own- ers. 8. Once the Circle is cast, enter or exit only at great need, if you must exit, the Circle, please cut yourself out or get one of the ritual officers to do so. When moving about in the circle, always move in the direc- tion of the casting, usually deosil. 9. Sexuality and the Sacred Freedom thereof is another of the Church Of All Worlds's founding tenets, so remember to respect it, (All acts of love and pleasure are My rites). 10. All underage Nymphs and Squires are to be safe within this community from unwelcome or welcome sexuaL okav from adults. I Remember that nudity is an affirmation - not an invitation. 11. Be sure you interpret signals correctly, a loving touch, hug or a massage is not an invitation to coitus, so if your attempts at intimacy or caring makes someone uncomfortable, STOP! And if someone touches you in an uncomfortable fashion, TELL THEM! If that doesn't work, get a staff person to help you. Please be sensitive as to how your affections are perceived/received. 12. Practice safe sex, use condoms and if you have an STD, tell your consort. (STD = Sexually Transmitted Disease.) 13. All Alcohol must either be carried upon your person, locked in your car, in your tent or given to the "booze monitor" in order to prevent pilfering of alcohol by minors, as well as preventing the drinking of alcohol by minors. All adults attending festivals are requested to bring any incidences of alcohol use by minors to the attention of the child's parents and/or the festival organizers. 14. Only Children or legal wards of Church Of All Worlds members will be allowed on Church Land and at Festivals held at Annwfn. If children of non-members are brought, the parents responsible as well as the children in question will be asked to leave, (B.O.D. Policy). Children or legal wards of Church Of All Worlds members may attend without their parents if there is a signed permission slip on file and they have signed a Annwfn waiver. 15. All attendees are expected to do a community service commit- ment of at least one hour - this includes all teenagers above the age of 12. All attendees must pick-up after themselves. We honor the Mother when we do so, as well as maintaining the Heart of the Tribe. 16. Lastly, there are to be no fires at your campsites, only at the goat lodge, the tables in front and the tables up top (Beltane). Due to the growth of Church Of All Worlds it has become necessary to oecome more structured, and Kites and v eshvals Staff and the Caretakers of Annwfn are bound to enforce these rules by order of the Church Of All Worlds Board of Dire