• Church of All Worlds - Annwfn
  • P.O. Box 48
  • Calpella, Ca, 95418

    Dear Sirs and/or Madams,

    It has come to our attention through the timely publication of the Scarlet Flame that you, our Board of Directors has considered looking for new Caretakers. "Jim suggested we table to the list." I suggest you advertise instead. This is something we, the Caretakers, have asked for in writing many times over the past three years and no action has been taken. Tabling this now is simply a slap in the face to those of us who choose to be responsible here. We have asked for help for years submitting directly to the Scarlet Flame. The Flame has yet to mention the need for staff on our Sacred Sanctuary.

    Our Financial Reports have gone unpublished and unacknowledged, members come to us and say they do not want to donate money because they do not know where it goes. When Orion was in charge people would send money to Central earmarked for Annwfn and we would not see it, and yes I do have specific examples. Currently I have heard that Mr. Mike Burgess gave Central $300 earmarked for the roads at Annwfn. We have not received any money from Central. What happened?

    Further, for years the Board, perhaps even the by-laws, refers to Annwfn as a subsidiary, and I have to point out that we have no Clergy representation and no Scion representation. Communication from the board is nonexistent ("We don't have time to contact Annwfn.") inspite of the years of effort on our part. Thus we are demoralized, and become not a Sanctuary, but merely the land the Corporation happens to have been given and now owns. Now we are asked for 10 % of our Beltaine proceeds, this amounts to taxation without representation. I want to know what the plan is here, let me in on it. Ancient versions of the by-laws have Subsidiaries funding Annwfn to the tune of 10% per year.

    During my tenure here I have seen the By-Laws change effectively defunding Annwfn! And now, the world is upside-down, Mr. Koester has asked the Coordinator of Beltaine for 10% of the take! We would like to work together for a prosperous future. We would like to be on the same page. We would like to receive REGULAR COMMUNICATION FROM THE ORGANIZATION!

    Please work with us while there is still time. Please do not delay advertising for more Caretakers. The current delay will mean prospects may not be considered for another year. You need more staff on this land now. The roads here will become ruined if no one lives here. Do not wait for us to announce our moving date, we need to act now.

    I would like to point out that other expenses for the land have been paid without BoD action. To present this as a proposal is silly, and an unneeded delay. Stop debating and take action please. James Loomen said to Jack Cain on the phone in June that he "moved to table the search for more Caretakers because we did not have a quorum." The fact is that the BoD needs a quorum for changes in policy, not for advertising.

    I need to remind everyone that there is a lot at stake here. All the time and money invested in the buildings and Temple, Gwydion's Magickal Library, The Garden, the 60,000 trees planted here at Forever Forest, the Seven out door ritual sites, to review the top of the list!

    The Caretakers of Annwfn