• June 20,2001 Church of All Worlds - Annwfn. P. O. Box 48 Calpella, Ca, 95418

    Clergy Council and Esteemed Members,

    This is being written as a check-in and Spring Report. Things are rather grim in the relating department folks. For years we have submitted reports requesting a response from the BoD, something constructive perhaps, yet we have to date received one response (the letter in which the BoD "reminds us there are no 'rules' at Annwfn.") At this point I realize that I have done all the communicating over the years, if I don't contact them they will never contact me. Further, at this I have heard indirectly from Central that they do not have time to contact me at all, to paraphrase Mr. Keoster.

    So it must be said that Mr. James Loomen lied to me Jack Cain when, on August 2, 2000, I called to ask about the outcome of the July 15 BoD meeting, he omitted pertinent facts and plainly lied to me. I was outraged when I finally got the letter in the mail a full two months after it was written, Lasara sat on it, why, I do not know. I called Mr. Loomen from the Post Office asked what was up. He told me he had to do some things for "political reasons, you know if you want to get something done you have to vote for things you don't agree with in order to get what you want voted in. "Political reasons"?

    When I asked him why he had lied to me in August, he said he thought I had the letter already, I reminded him that I had called in August because I had heard nothing. By this time I was quite angry and hurt. The BoD has offered no other communication.

    For all the ignored reports, financial and written, submitted with the request for a response, submitted with a request not to operate in crisis mode, I will now report to ALL, PUBLICLY, ON THE WEB! ! !
    Reports from Annwfn may be found at feri.com. Just click on Friends of Annwfn!

    At this point we have to do something about the situation, obviously the worst elements of the relationship between the BoD and the Caretakers has been passed on to this Board. Has no one else, but the Caretakers, any investment in changing that relationship? Can we as a group make this different and come up with a positive outcome? Must we keep on victimizing each other?

    All this has been left hanging. We are again afflicted with a President and other officers who could not care less and have no interest in communicating with us, much less making a plan for the future here. We have asked for years that CAW advertise for more caretakers yet for some reason these requests have fallen on deaf ears no action has been taken. What do you plan to do when we move away? How do you plan to staff and fund your Sacred Sanctuary?

    I have offered to help create and implement such a plan, one that is comprehensive, covering finances and all those little details. Folks the time is now, I am disabled and can not live here forever. Nor will Tamar and I choose to fund Annwfn at the current level once we move away. I strongly suggest we work together while we are still here raising funds and willing to work with responsible people within CAW.

    I am so sorry my mission here has failed so miserably. I dreamt of an Annwfn that can never be and almost was. I was so hopeful in 1996, I believed the polarity between central and the land could be resolved, put to rest, peace made. Here in the aftermath of Lasara's presidency relations could not be worse, peace seems so far away. I fear for losing my home at the whim of people far away. I do not sleep well.

    I could not overcome the campaigns of hate and fear against me, this combined with my own personal foibles, has led some to make their relationship with me their reason for not coming to Annwfn. Annwfn has, I believe, suffered financially these last few years as rumors of the Caretakers performing rituals to banish you from Annwfn persisted, and I can only assume still persist. Do the repeaters of this kind of stuff know what they have done to the future of this land and organization? What must this look like to outsiders, newcomers, and the like? What should I tell my parents and family? My sons want nothing to do with this organization, much less identify as pagan, after what they have seen their father go through here.

    The impact on my personal life is major. I am basically regarded as a nut by all of you and that is your excuse for not lending credence to my words. My character has been defamed; Annwfn as good cause has been lost. I had hoped your "reclaiming of the energy" here would have been a real on the ground sort of effort, all I can say is, Annwfn is yours for the reclaiming and by the Gods I wish you would!

    While Nemeton funds are being used to pay the property taxes, we have had no accounting for those funds nor has any money from Central trickled down to our Sacred Sanctuary for several years inspite of donations specifically earmarked for theland, what gives folks? We have had many members say they would like to donate money but they are not sure what happens with the money, we have got to change this. This sort of thing happened when Orion was in charge. Tsidra Moore donated money for Annwfn years ago and it never made it to the Land. When does it stop?

    Further, We, The Stewards of Annwfn, call to the original Ents and ask you all if you are satisfied with the current state of Gwydion's Legacy and if not will you please help!

    Sincerely, The Stewards of Annwfn