CAW-Annwfn P. O. Box 48 Calpella, Ca 95418

The following is a reflection of the financial activity for the Beltaine festival 2001. Central Sent $300.00 as seed money for the event! The seed money was sent back to Central. We also received $440.00 in the form of preregistration. Total revenue and expenses look like this:

  1. $340.00 gas, oil, etc.
  2. 400.00 copy, mail
  3. 180.00 flowers.
  4. 900.00 food
  5. 1,820.00 Total expenses
      Total Registration $2,388.00.

    This leaves Annwfn with net revenue of $548.00. With 62 people in attendance this averages out to $8.84 per person for the land. The revenue for Annwfn represents 23% of total proceeds, with an average of $38.43 donated per person for attending the event. Since this the first time we have been able to analyze the figures we have no idea how this really compares to last year. Though Annwfn was paid $1,000.00 last year we do not know how much was taken in or how much was spent. It is our wish to increase the revenue for the land as the land has little revenue generally. We also wish to keep up the quality of the food served at Beltaine. We hope to build bathing facilities as well. For these reasons and more we must ask for more donations of money at festivals.

    The figures above represent expenses claimed, some of our heroic staff actually paid some of the expenses out of their own pockets! Many Thanks to all whom bravely served the Goddess and the Gods that this festival might happen.

    The Caretakers of Annwfn,
  6. Jack Cain and Tamar Kaye