Untelling the Creation

At the end of those days
When Hel had frozen over...
Well, when Hel had frozen over everything She wanted to freeze over,
And when Time put His hourglass back in the cupboard,
And when every dreamer in a dream could dream a world entire for others to
learn to dream,

The White Goddess said to the Horned God, Come. Here.
And so, He who had come and be-come so many times before,
He came,
And reintegrated His horniness with the Green God's snakiness,
For, at last, the achiness of His Hunt was enough.

And the White Goddess desired even more that horny snakiness,
Or maybe she just wanted that snaky horniness,

Thus, the White Goddess said to the Green God, Come. Here.
And so, He who had blown the world over for a Kalpa and a half,
He came,
And recombined the gust of His gales with the Blue Consort's devotion,
For, at last, the motion of His blowing was enough.

Well, what White Goddess could resist a lover absolutely empowered and
absolutely adoring?
This White Goddess could not,

This White Goddess said to the Blue Consort, Come. Here.
And so, He who had served and serviced Her in the timeless place of being in
He came,
And merged His passion with Miriel's beauty,
For, at last, the duty of His daily wise was enough.

Yet the bringing together of all these things was glorious,
And the Universe was brimming with the light of beings being fully themselves
and being fully fulfilled,
But something nagged at the mind of the White Goddess.
She saw a hand-mirror propped against an uncarved stone,
And behind that hand-mirror she saw a Shadow,
And in the seeing of that Shadow she remembered a lover who had left her
long ago.

And so She went into that one remaining dark place,
And there She found the last unmined gem of compassion still weeping
For every love that had gone unrequited,
For every severing that had never quite healed,
For every loss and loneliness,
For every potential happiness left sealed.
The White Goddess reached out
And in the ringing reconciliation of hug
She came,
She emptied,
She swallowed all darkness, all light.

And all that was left was Her emptiness, Miriel and the mirror.
The Goddess and Miriel delighted in making love in front of the mirror.

And, finally, They said to one another, Come. Here.
And so, Emptiness and Form at the height of the tension of play,
They came,
And reunited Her image with Her being
For, at last, Her seeing was enough.

And so She took a walk
In the forest of every tree that had ever been,
And asked of them, Who is the most beautiful of all?
And everything that had ever been just laughed.

And laughing as well, the Goddess turned to the Witness and said, Come.
And so, You who had seen all these things and spoken of them with the
of vision,
You came,
And joined You to everything that was and is and is yet to come,
You who were never truly parted.

Copyright Scott Schulz. All rites reversed. Use what you Will.

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