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Bardic Magic

The Crystal Mirror
by Ennien Ashbrook

Dissatisfied with the words used - and misused - to describe the laws of cause and effect, I embarked on a dreaming to learn more. I woke from a dream with an image clear in my head:

The Crystal Mirror:
Pebbles dropped in pools ripple
Cause and effect

Ripples colliding
With other ripples in turn
More than one stone

A butterfly's wings
Fluttering in the breeze
Colliding jet streams

A streamer of light
Strikes a cluster of crystals
Many rainbows

The Crystal Mirror
Cause and effect affects
Much more than just you.

she holds me
by Anna Kongs

she holds me in her arms
a symbol of her fruitious womb
and i not dare take a breath
for i fear to break the sacred smoke in it's everlasting silent dance
Great Mother
hold me
love me
be all around me
in their eyes i see you
full of love
and beutiful mystery
and i love you

Faerie Queen
by Jennifer Lewis

Once I was born to the outside world a different being,
and I shown brighter than anything.
Then one day all my shallow fairy emotions
And everything I was, or would be
I was no longer as bright, or as translucent.
And all my shallow fairy emotions turned to love for
one human man.
With him loving me, and I loving him
I never return to become the queen
I had always longed to be.
For love is a greater magic than all of fairy

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