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Magikal Improvisation
by GoldenHawk

While I am sure we all are great fans of proper rituals.. a little time to set the mood.. put on some appropriate music.. a few candles.. all the proper incantations.. Why... I have to confess to romping through my living room a few evenings, in nothing but my pointy wizard's hat, having a delightful time conjuring up circles, laughing and dancing with my favorite pesky Dragon! :) Nothing better, right?

Well, I'm not sure about the rest of you, but for me, these times are waaaaay too few and far between! In "real life" I tend to practice my Craft on the run.... a morning bagel with the Goddess... a quick cut of the cards to see what the day might bring.. Usually, instead of some beautiful "morning ritual", It's something more along the lines of..

"Good Morning Goddess!!! :) My!! You look very lovely today! ( I just love to flirt with Her.. ) Walk with me today... and don't forget to smile! " ......... not quite up to the nice prayers I read in the books, but it works for me! :)

... and then, of course there is all of that magickal "stuff". I have a small pebble in my pocket I have just always carried with me.. and who would be without a few feathers, shells, sand, small pieces of driftwood... any of this sound familiar?? ... and, my cards... both Tarot and Rune... and my compass.. you just never know when you might need to know where due North is! ... and of course, my magick four-color pen... Why limit yourself to blue or black, when you can send off some flaming memo using the "fire" of red ink! ... or, perhaps the occasional "post-it" in "forest"green!

As you can plainly see, I tend to find much "magick" in everyday things. .. and that is important! Why... people might talk if I whipped out my wand every time I felt the need for a magickal <! Heck! They would probably *run* at the sight of an athame!!

Take the time to carefully examine your "day to day". Use your imagination! Is there much difference between a bubbling cauldron, and that stew simmering on the stove?? Are there any among us, who would argue the magickal abilities of that television remote?? Do you actually think the "Powers that Be", require candles and great rituals before addressing them? I surely hope not.

Weave your Craft around the commonplace... the simple tools and practices that have already found a place in your life. You will find new meaning to your "day to day"... and a much more magickal "you"!

GoldenHawk, an eclectic solitary, is most at home during his Saturday morning strolls along the beach.. feeding those silly gulls! :) "Of all the magick in our realm, the most powerful is laughter... it warms the heart; inspires the soul... Enjoy it often! ... and don't forget to share!"

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