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If Prophets Foretell
by Francesca De Grandis

If prophets foretell the wolf
will hunt you,
and their visions add that this wolf
will maim you, then claim your life,
stalk the wolf,
to his lair.
Live there with him,
feed him,
mate with and love him.
And learn from him.

You cannot forestall who you are, who you are meant to be.
The wolf is your destiny.
Gain any gifts a wolf can give you, and
wear its' skin while both you and it still live.
Grow old with him,
for seers say he will claim your life.
That is not a prophecy that he will kill you;
the wolf will consistently give you great joy,
if you follow my instructions.
If you do not, the prophecy will still come to pass
but you will lose much of life's happiness.

copyright, Francesca De Grandis, June 94

The Hanged Man And The Ten Of Swords
(For my father, who died 10 years ago, at Samhain)
by Mary Ann Murphy

After the storm,
one broken branch still
bears the weight of
my small self.

I am the last, tattered leaf left
trembling on that hoary old oak
I always thought of
as you.

The oak is a skeleton now,
its life blasted by the wind
of the year's dying. Nothing --
not even an oak's strength --
could deflect that blade.

Not even the love of the leaf
for the wood.
So love that clings is worse
than useless, but that is the sum
of what the leaf knows.

The cards say this:

and the earth catches you.
Then the naked branch
caressing the moon's face
will bear only light.

Grasses They Grow
by Raylene Abbott

I like to go out in nature and collect my own herbs. One day I was collecting all different kinds of slender grasses. I would sit in the field and weave them into blessing rings. A little grass here and a teasle weed for a head and abracadabra I had made angels out of all kinds of wild things. That night I was awakened by the voice of my White Magic Grandmother's, singing to me this collecting song:

Grasses they grow.
The rain falls down.
Cycles and seasons go round and round.

Oh the moon she waxes
And the moon she wanes.
Thirteen moons in the Earth's domain.

The tides go in and the tides go out.
Teaching you magic is what it's about.
We are the grandmothers here to reveal
Mysteries and magic usually concealed.

Love be your torch
And Wisdom your way.
Open to our Presence
For our Blessing this day.

Raylene is the author of "A Garden of Woman's Wisdom" and she produced the "Garden Speaks" video. She works extensively with the plant kingdom, both practically and spiritually.

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