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by Ian Lurking Bear

From now on you must live every moment
in a state of lucid, fluid mystical awareness
flowing into itself and unfolding continually.
You must dance your way through the world
never dropping the glowing thread of awareness
as you always maintain a calm inner pool
of perfect serenity and compassion,
guided by a fierce inner light that clarifies action
and cuts to the truth in all things,
feeling the poetry in every instant
thus never becoming bored,
moving joyously and liltingly with gentle humor,
never flinching from needed wrathful action,
always touching the source of creation
to gain guidance to the rightful course,
with humility, questioning doubt, and innocent purity,
while burning with the intensity of being most fully yourself,
seeing the divine intelligence in all things,
staying aware of the moon and stars,
utterly serious, whimsical, frivolous, constantly orgasmic,
being the vessel of holy desire
and the sword of focused will,
filled with pride without boastfulness,
radiating beauty without undue display,
and dreaming the dreams that shape the world.
You must breathe this with every breath,
feel it in every pore,
and know it beyond doubt or certainty,
or die trying,
knowing total darkness when
the overwrought light shatters.
Sleep until rebirth.

Every Day.

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