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by Larry Cornett

Visionweavers Coven, like many other Neopagan Wiccan groups, works with deities as partners in rituals, invoking ones whose natural functions relate to the purpose of the ritual. For example, we (and other groups of practitioners) worked with Athena and her Owl in rituals for the protection of the old growth forest and the Grey Spotted Owl. Shortly after the rituals, the owl was placed on the endangered species list, and its old growth forest habitat given government protection.

In addition, Visionweavers (like other Wiccan Shamanic groups) worked with Nature Spirits in natural power spots when possible. A nature spirit is the living consciousness, or group mind of an ecosystem or a living entity (such as a tree spirit or Diva).

In another ritual, the Consolidated Edison Company of New York's Air Pollution permit renewal applications were taken to a natural power spot for a ritual with a grove of Druids. Spirits that were interested in helping those fighting acid rain then were invoked and invited to use the permits as a vehicle. Those permits throbbed with power when they were sent to the New York Department of Environmental Protection the next day. The State of New York passed some of the strongest acid rain legislation and turned down Con Edison's application to burn high sulfur coal shortly afterwards.

At a Washington DC area CAW Spring Equinox, Visionweavers, CAW members and Druids ritually introduced three new saplings to an old, previously unhappy, Maple Tree and to other trees on some private land; and planted them at receptive power spots. The unhappy tree used to have kind of a swampy vibe, until some Visionweavers had previously introduced themselves to it as Earth Healers, found out that it missed the forest, and offered to help (after which its vibe was something like a Klingon Warrior guarding the property). The vibe that the maple tree let out during and for weeks after the tree planting was powerfully and totally ecstatic.

A network of people exists that does coordinated healing magic at least four times per year. It is called MOONWEB, and many groups and individuals have been participating for over ten years. You can get on the MOONWEB mailing list by sending your name, address and two stamps (or equivalent) per ritual that you want to receive to:

Post Office Box 15461
Washington, DC 20003

My experience with Moonweb rituals includes feeling the presence of and power generated by the other participants (even when working solitary), getting a closer relationship with nature, and plugging into a very strong magical current, while doing generally powerful magic that works.

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