Another Day in the Garden

Teach us another Ha-prayer, Francesca,
The same as all the other Ha-prayers.

The Empress has know-clothes,
And dances like a Fool,
The naked Universe laughing.

Do a Ha-prayer before a Ha-prayer
To prepare for a Ha-prayer.
Ha Ha Ha:
You are the prayer.

Fetch me coruscating pink possibility,
The living of insane interpretation.
Vampire faerie rose-bud,
Dammit, love me and
The sewer-stench fertile return.
And you have to say,
O.K., O.K.,
I accept it all:
I am a broken lawn-gnome,
But I will embrace the Goddess.
And She would have to say,
I love lawn-gnomes!
I will set you in my Garden,
And you will be my favorite.
And so you stand in the Garden
With all Her favorites,
A single apple from the Tree of Life
Dangling 3.5 centimeters
From your cast-iron hand.

Someday I will bite
That juicy-sweetness.

--Scott Schulz All rites reversed. Use what you will.

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