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Healing Prayer for the Community,
March 17, 96

It is hard to write this: it is not only personal, but brings the personal together with the political and spiritual. Some people feel threatened when those three join.

We all know that being a strong alternative type person draws harassment. In the last year my media and other ministerial work -- a witch is a minister -- has netted a death threat to my face, filthy letters and many crank calls. It was scary when a crisis expert told me to keep a witness with me on and off for five weeks, because of the death threat.

The threat seemed provoked by the filming of a documentary about me that likely will be national PBS, as was the producer's last documentary. I am about to re-enter the arena in which the death threat was made. The man who threatened me is still there.

I will not back down from work the Gods give me, which is to heal and educate others. While I am not a very strong person, I *am* a stubborn Sicilian/Spaniard/triple Scorpio. *grin* But first thing this morning I received another piece of filthy email. I am tired and sad. And need the healing we all need because of life's battles.

The harassment of this past year has caused me fear, anger, disillusionment and loss of health. While it is important to have a few close friends with whom one can privately share the details of life's struggles, the strongest form of healing I know is to serve and heal others. This has always gotten me through hard times more than anything else. The balm to my fear, anger, disillusionment and health problems has been to deepen my commitment to minister to and heal trauma survivors. Goddess is showing me that path bit by bit.

In the same vein, the following prayer is my response to this morning's disturbing letter; I hope the prayer will give a tiny bit of love and healing to others. Many of the prayer's lines are ones I wrote years ago; I am reaffirming some of my primary spiritual themes. Pass the prayer on to anyone you care to give it to as long as it is included with this article in it's full parts, and with my full name and copyright. Thank you. Please keep me in your prayers.

Diana, when referred to by Italian witches, is not the maiden aspect so much as a kind Mother aspect who embraces us with love.

keep us mindful,
and stay with us in the union of all things.
You always bless me
with your kindness, power, and protection.
Now I send you my own kindness, power, and protection.
No God is invulnerable.
All Gods need our care.

keep us mindful,
and stay with us in the union of all things.

You were the first of all witches,
spinning a universe from your passion for our good Father.
So I now spin a wish from my own passions:
may your universe be as Your most loving dreams imagine it;
may I help build a kind world.

keep us mindful,
and stay with us in the union of all things.

grant me the power to bless your children each day:
keep me from reciting empty words and puffed up pledges;
help me instead perform concrete acts of love and duty;
give me an ability to listen to sorrow;
and the knowledge that a hug is a potent healing salve.

In the health of others,
I find my own health,
for no one stands apart from life's weave.

keep us mindful,
and stay with us in the union of all things.

So mote it be.

Francesca De Grandis, copyright 1996

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