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Wiccan Love Spells

Any spell you do must be followed through by mundane actions if the spell is to be successful. Whatever is needed on the mundane plan to find love, go do it after you cast the love spell! Give thought to the fact that since ever y love spell is different, each might need different mundane follow through.

Wiccan Love Spell #1: THE MOST IMPORTANT LOVE SPELL: If you are not open to love, no love spell can work. You may want to do this spell as preparation for any other love spell you do. In fact, this spell to make yourself open to love might be the only love spell you will ever need. Look inside yourself: is there something in you that blocks love? For instance, do you feel you donıt deserve love? Or perhaps you think that no one could ever love YOU? Or maybe you think you are too fat, or too thin? Maybe you are afraid to ask someone out on a date? Whatever the negative belief, fear or other internal block is, get in touch with it, then use soap and water to ³wash it away.² Actually put your hands in water and wash them as a way to get rid of your block to love!

Wiccan Love Spell #2:THE PATH OF LOVE. If you feel the need to do more than the above spell get five red roses. Go about a block from your house and drop one rose. Drop three more on the way back home. Drip the fifth at your door. While you do all this chant out loud or silently, ³This is a path of love. My true love will find me.² You have given your true love a path by which to find you!

Wiccan Love Spell #3: PROUD AS A PEACOCK. Maybe this is more your style. Wear a peacock feather or some emblem of the peacock. For instance, cut off the decorative end of a peacock feather and pin it to your lapel instead of a rose, or wear earrings shaped like peacocks. Look in the mirror and repeat as many times as you want, ³I am spreading my tail feathers.² Leave the house and see what happens. This is NOT a spell to make anyone see you the way you want them to see you. This is like a peacock spreading his tail to court, but on a psychic level.

Wiccan Love Spell #4:YOUR TRUE LOVE. Many poeple want to have a relationship with the person who is just right for them. I was once asked ³How can I make my mate the ideal mate for me?² ARGH!!!!!! Why do poeple feel that once they have mated, their job is to change the beloved?
However, if you are not sure whether you and your mate are meant for each other, and you are willing to forfeit the relationship should this not be the case, do this love spell. Take two silver dollars. Two pennies will also do. Toss them into the air reciting, ³May we each go to our own true love.² I repeat, do not do this spell unless you only want to be with a true love and so are willing to forfeit your present relationship should it not represent your true love. Sometimes a relationship isnıt ³THE ONE² but it is sacred for its own sake and worth keeping. Also, a true love isn't neccessarily a mate for love while the person you are with now just might be. Should the coins land far apart, do not take this as a sign that you will separate. This is not meant as a divination spell.

Spells by Francesca De Grandis, copyright 1996

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