Stories of the origins of the Feri folk; an on-going project.
The Huldre Minister (Nor.) | The Children of Eve (Nor.)| The Nephilim (Xian)| The Sons of God (Xian)| The Ife (African) |

Stories about Norwegian Feri folk.
The Feris tell the Date | The Feris on the Mountain | The Feris of Ellefstad | The Interrupted Wedding | The Harvest | Outrunning a Hulder | The Trolls & the Pussycat | The Boy Who Went to the North Wind |

These are modern stories about Feri folk.
The Three Magic Arrows| The Bear Princess| The Enchanted Crab | Sir Marzipan | The enchanted Tree |

Stories about the Vanir & the Aesir; the Aryan folk of Norway.
The Vanr | The Vanratru | The Norwegian Feri tale | The Voluspa (Aes) | The Volsung (Aes) | The Langobards (Aes) |

Stories about Feri folk in other places.
The Maiden and the Fountain Fairy (Scot.) | The Three Brothers and the Peri (Arab.) |

Other Folktales I've found.

A Gust of Wind (Amerind,) |